Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Installation of the Bell Presented Unique Challenges

This was one of those - doing it for the first time and probably the one time - kind of projects! To mount the bell in the front entrance awning required manufacturing the framework to hold and hang the ball securely yet allow it to swing when rung - and the hole in the awning ceiling only gave room for one person to crawl up we can be thankful for the creativity of these two workers!

At long last, we can show a before and after of the original hole that started this whole amazing and very long story!

It is just great to look up
and see the new roof, and new gutters and downspouts -
Praise the Lord!

This is an entrance on the west wall - sporting new siding, new roof and new gutters and downspouts - and just in time for our first big winter storm of 4 + inches of rain in two days, plus some pretty stiff winds - a good test of our renewed building!

Balcony carpeted for the first time!

A lot of the original carpet in the sanctuary is still in great shape, so the balcony, part of the stairs and a couple other stairways have been or will be carpeted. It was rather exciting to watch the men move the all-wood pews from the downstairs area where we have met for church services since last January, up into the sanctuary and then the balcony...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The new sanctuary chairs arrived

We will have a choice of sitting in the pews or the chairs in the sanctuary - a row of the long pews will be in the center, then rows of chairs on either side of the pews. When you stand up and start to visit with someone, there will still be room in the aisles for people to move around!

Here's the new steeple!

Somehow this process looked different than the steeple placements on the old seed barn church, and on the sanctuary many years ago!

The foyer is nearly done!

It was not a pretty sight!

What a beautiful ceiling!

The new carpet is so beautiful! (Here it is partly folded over - not quite fully installed)

The West Wall Restored!

With five new windows, some interior reinforcing blocks, new siding and improved door/awnings - it's looking great!